ASTER Necklace
ASTER Necklace

ASTER Necklace

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The idea for this capsule collection was born by chance. The starting point was the Japanese Noren, a curtain which is often found at the entrance to a space or used to divide it. The idea of working with fabrics alongside metal was very inspiring, and it was immediately clear that we will be working with a natural material and our key colour at the moment which is blue. It was also important for us to stick to the principles of upcycling, which means recycling existing items and materials, so we didn't buy new fabric, but took silk that had already been used in the past.

While we normally emphasise the fact that our jewellery is long-lasting, here we consciously chose a fragile material which will live and change. And we also wanted to look at our products from a new perspective.

This is how the SECOND THOUGHT collection was designed — four jewellery pieces in deep blue, ripped and gently stitched silk.

We've taken the self-contained but inviting SPHERE Hoops, 45 Chain, 70 Necklace and complemented them with a silk harness with silver hardware.

We wear them ourselves and will watch how the delicate fabric fades from the sun, changes from contact with water and gradually disintegrates.


Material: sterling silver, silk