SUMEI is an independent Berlin-based silver jewellery brand founded in 2015. 

Founder and designer Lisa Smirnova wanted to create discreet and essential jewellery that could become a second skin for the wearer, feeling timeless and effortless. After a successful career in PR and production within the culture and lifestyle sectors, Smirnova started SUMEI as a personal project, which developed into a prominent jewellery brand navigated by an all-female team.

Smirnova understood that jewellery could be a fundamental part of everyday life and wanted to develop designs rooted in modesty and understatement but juxtaposed with a strong belief in self-irony and experiments. 

Setting in Berlin in 2020 led to a natural evolution of the brand, incorporating the local identity and further establishing itself and its signature aesthetic.

SUMEI works with family businesses to make jewellery. Almost every step is completed by hand to ensure the same high standards throughout the production cycle.

SUMEI doesn't reference age or gender in its design language but envisions jewellery as an extension of individuality and character.

SUMEI has two stores: one in Berlin and one in St. Petersburg.