Option 1. Measure your ring

If you have an existing ring that fits the finger you want to measure, you can use a ruler or a ring size app. Place the ring on a flat surface and measure the inner diameter with a ruler. Ensure you measure from edge to edge across the center of the ring. If you’re using an app, follow the instructions to match the ring to the appropriate size on the screen. Compare your measurement to a ring size chart to determine the correct size.

Option 2. Measure your finger

Start by wrapping a piece of thread around the base of your finger. Make sure it's snug but not too tight. Mark the point where the end of the thread meets the rest of the loop. Then, measure the length of the thread from the starting point to the mark using a ruler. This measurement in millimeters is the circumference of your finger. You can then use our chart to find the corresponding ring size.

Option 3. Visit a jewellery store

For the most accurate sizing, visit a jewellery store. The staff can help you try on different rings until you find one that fits perfectly. Make sure to try on rings that are of a similar shape and width to what you plan to purchase, as this can affect the fit. We recommend asking for the ring's circumference, as it is the most universal size indicator across different charts.