SUMEI is an independent, Berlin-based silver jewellery brand founded in 2015. We work with simple forms, creating comfortable jewellery that becomes an extension of individuality and character.

Founder and Creative Director Lisa Smirnova aimed to develop designs rooted in modesty while being open to experimentation. Following a successful career in PR and production within the culture and lifestyle sectors, she started SUMEI as a personal project, growing it into a prominent jewellery brand powered by an all-female team.

In 2020, Smirnova immigrated to Germany, settling in Berlin, which led to a natural evolution of the brand. This transition incorporated the local identity, further establishing SUMEI and its signature aesthetic — modern yet timeless, strong yet understated.

We consciously choose the people we work with, partnering with an Italian manufacturer working with recycled precious metals using solar energy, and supporting emerging photographers, designers, and artists. Our commitment extends to minimizing packaging, opting for reusable and recyclable materials. Although advanced technologies play a role in different stages of the manufacturing process, our jewellery remains mostly handcrafted, ensuring consistent high standards throughout the production cycle.