Our jewellery is made of sterling silver and plated with precious metals: rhodium, gold, platinum or silver. Every plating fades away with time, but we have some tips on how to make it last longer and keep your jewellery in a brand-new condition:


— Avoid contact with water, creams, perfumes and chemicals.


— Silver is a soft metal and can easily be damaged by any type of mechanical exposureso we recommend preserving your jewellery from falling or pressure.


— Be cautious with pieces with pearls and mother-of-pearl: don’t throw or drop them, avoid scratching and keep your pieces dry, as moisture can loosen the setting.


— Oxidation is a natural process, very common among precious metals. The jewellery tarnishes when you don’t wear it. But no worries: regularly cleaning your pieces with a special cloth helps to avoid the residue buildup that can dull the original shine.


— Store your jewellery separately from each other. We recommend using a jewellery box.